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Changji Museum of Dinosaurs

Changji Museum of Dinosaurs is a huge 4 story building which amazes customers at the first sight. The outside looks like a mountain made of blue glass and white stones. Unusual construction with striking beauty beckons visitors to enter.
First, you can see artificial moving dinosaurs that look like real. And further you will enter a huge hall with real dinosaur skeletons. The most striking is the brontosaurus skeleton. Its length accounts 35 meters and its head reach the 4th floor. This sight is so wonderful and unbelievable; it’s not easy to take in at a glance the whole skeleton from head to the end of a tale. Standing next to it you feel tremble and delight.
Next to brontosaurus located well-preserved skeletons of predatory dinosaurs and on the ceiling hang pterodactyl skeletons. These skeletons formed into beautiful poses such that we can feel the danger that they imposed. All these skeletons were found in Xinjiang. They are well preserved and it’s a great joy to look at them.
Besides the whole skeletons, there are also separate bones under glass cases so it’s possible to look at them in details and admire their huge stature. 
There is also an interesting a big glass case with a lot of dinosaur skulls: from small skulls of the small protoceratops and velociraptors, to extremely huge skulls of tyrannosaurus and triceratops.
On the 4th floor you can watch 4-D movies about dinosaurs and learn much interesting information about the displays.
Museum of Dinosaurs in Changji is definitely worth a visit. All the customers, especially children, would be very glad to visit this nice attraction and watch its exhibits. 

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