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Erdaoqiao Bazaar

Erdaoqiao Bazaar, or the Grand Bazaar, is called “the people’s world fair”. Today, Erdaoqiao is the biggest wholesale and retail trade market of national goods in Xinjiang. These market goods go to Chinese domestic market and abroad. There are hundreds of traders and thousands of customers.
The Grand Bazaar looks like a colorful mosaic, which consists of many shops with different national goods: Uygur embroidered head-dresses, rich silver jewelries, sharp and graceful knives, colorful hand-made carpets, slippery silk cloths, bronzeware, musical instruments, elegant national clothes, eastern cosmetics, national medicines, and jade jewelries.
You should pay attention to cashmere shawls made with softest undercoat of mountain goats. Fruit traders sell sweet raisins dried under baking sun, dried apricots, prunes, figs, dates, nuts, eastern herbs and spices, fresh fruits and nice meat. 
For attracting more people, there are often performances of national dancers, singers, musicians, acrobats. 
Next to the bazaar, you can find a huge area of snack bars and restaurants. There you can taste any kind of food. Especially tasty kebabs, pilaf, shashlik, beshbarmak, and lagman. Taste Uygur fruit cakes and ice-cream. Drink flavored wine made from local fruits and grapes with water from mountain streams and collected by the women’s hands. It is possible to have dinner and watch the performance or musical show at the same time. 
Visiting Erdaoqiao is a fun shopping experience, meeting with local people and perusing exotic goods. 

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