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The Astana-Karakhoja Ancient Tombs are part of the Underground Museum of Turpan and the Living Archives of Gaochang. Astana means capital in Uigur; Karakhoja was a Uigur hero who protected his people from a vicious dragon.">


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    Turpan city has preserved for us monuments of the Uyghur ancient architecture. Imin Minaret is the best sample, it is the most ancient and the highest tower in Xinjiang. Among the huge number of Xinjiang towers - it is the only one Muslim. ">




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  • e="display:none">edf40wrjww2dic_article:hight_lightHami King’s Mausoleum is the tomb of Hami King Hui III, situated in the west suburb of Hami City; it is the Mausoleum for the burial of Islamic kings of Hami in the Qing Dynasty, meaning “land with gold” covering an area of 1.33 hectares and elm tress standing on the side, the first gate faces to north and the second to east. The Mausoleum consists of three parts:the Main Chamber the Side Chamber with five wood pavilions standing from east to west and the Grand Mosque.">

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  • Subashi Ancient City (City: Aksu)

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    72;73;74;75;76;77;78;79;80;81;82;83;84;85;86;87;89;e="display:none">edf40wrjww2dic_article:hight_lightSubashi Ancient City, with the academic name of "Zhaohuli Temple", was built in Wei-Jin Period, where Qiuci eminent monk Kumarajiva, one of three major Buddhist sutra translators in ancient China, interpreted scriptures. ">

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    72;73;74;75;76;77;78;79;80;81;82;83;84;85;86;87;89;e="display:none">edf40wrjww2dic_article:hight_lightTiemen Pass is located 8 kilometers (approximately 5 miles) from Korla City, in the northern suburbs. It is one of the 26 famous passes in China, and acquired the name 'Iron Gate' for it is solid and firm just like an iron gate.">


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