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Abakh Hoja Tomb

5 km away from Kashgar the minarets of architectural complex, Abakh Hoja Tomb, is sky-rocketing into the cloudless sky. It is called “The Tomb of Fragrant Concubine” and “Kashgar’s the most important Muslim sanctuary”.

The Tomb was built in 1640 year. There are 72 tombs of 5 generations of Abakh Hoja family inside. The first man buried here was Yusuf Hoja, famous Muslim hermit. His son, Abakh Hoja was Muslim preacher and Kashgaria lord in XVII century. He was buried in Tombs in 1693 year and the Muslim sanctuary was named after him.

The second historical person that attracts people to this place is favorite concubine of Qing dynasty emperor named Xiang Fei who was Abakh Hoja’s granddaughter. These Tombs keep her personal things. Xiang Fei had nickname “Fragrant concubine” because she always smelled with sweet flower fragrance.

Abakh Hoja Tombs is an architectural complex made with a classic Uygur style. This complex includes tombs, mosque, arch gates, pond and fruit garden. In summer the air is full of rose fragrances from blooming roses in the vast square before the tombs.

Decorated by exquisite pattern, Abakh Hoja Tombs are a real pearl of Uygur architecture. During Corban Bayram festival, Muslims from all over Xinjiang come here to pray.

Abakh Hoja Tombs is a place to honor the memory of a great Muslim preacher and the Chinese emperor’s favorite concubine at the same time. It symbolizes contact and unity of 2 cultures, proves closeness between Uygur and Chinese people.

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