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Jiaohe Ancient Ruins

Jiaohe Ancient Ruins are located in the Yaernaizi Valley, 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) west of Turpan in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Jiaohe Ancient city was built with rammed earth and bricks 2300 years ago; it is the most ancient city in Turpan Depression. Its area accounts 430 thousands square kilometers. 2 rivers border with Jiahe and it makes Jiahe look like a willow sheet. The city, situated along the Silk Road, was of great military significance and played a pivotal role in the economic communication between Western and Eastern countries. 
Among ancient earth houses of the world, Jiaohe is one of the best preserved. The city is situated in the hill 30 meters high, 1600 meters long and 300 meters wide.  It is a preserved city from military danger and there never was any pinion wall. Located in rocky hills and surrounded by raging rivers this city was guarded by nature.
Jiaohe is older than its famous neighbor – Gaochang city, but it has been preserved better. Jiaohe doesn’t have any plants that could ruin the foundations of the houses; and clay buildings preserved after fires. In dry air and under merciless sun Jiaohe was dried like a sheet in a herbarium and has kept its ancient image. 
During the Tang dynasty period it prospered. There lived 6500 inhabitants and around 700 families. The army of the city accounted 800 soldiers.
Despite a long time passing, the city still has streets and buildings of former shops, taverns, administrative centers and dwelling houses. Some of them still have places for fireplace, windows and niches in the walls for keeping things. In the north part of the city you can see an ancient Buddhism temple and pagoda built in year 360. 
There is a special atmosphere. A long time ago there was a prosper city; families lived there, children played, little dramas happened there. You can imagine it all walking around the ruins.
Jiaohe Ancient Ruins are very unique and rare. This has made the city extremely valuable and a popular destination for historians and researchers learning about ancient cities. The special city is a unique window into the past of an ancient desert military town and offers tourists grand scenic views and interesting historical tidbits. 


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