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Subashi Ancient City

Subashi Ancient City, with the academic name of "Zhaohuli Temple", was built in Wei-Jin Period, where Qiuci eminent monk Kumarajiva, one of three major Buddhist sutra translators in ancient China, interpreted scriptures. The Temple reached its peak in Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, and where Monk Xuanzang in Tang Dynasty stayed for more than two months. In the middle of 7th century(658), after the Western Region Protectorate of Tang Dynasty moved to Qiuci, many eminent monks gathered here, presenting prosperous Buddhist times with bells, drums, Sutra Streamer and burning joss sticks all the day long without stopping. 
The City declined gradually in later Tang Dynasty (the 9th century), and finally was abandoned in the 13th - 14th century. Currently most wall bodies exist. The Buddha Temple consists of the east one and the west one. The east one has Buddha hall, pagoda and statues of Buddha; the west one has grand Buddha hall, well reserved square earth tower, with 17 Buddhist grottoes of odd shape in the north, in which only some frescoes and stones carved with ancient Qiuci character are left.
The archaeological site extends for more than half a kilometer on either side of the Kuqa river. Since it has never been formally published, there is less reliable information about it than one would like. The structure seen here, sometimes called the "Royal Temple," was a vihara (monastic compound) under the patronage of the rulers of Kuqa.
Around banks of Kuqa River, 20km northeast of Kuqa County Seat.
Subashi Ancient City is outside of Kuqa County Seat; no bus is available for the destination. So tourists have to charter a car.

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