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Bayinbuluke Lake

Bayinbuluke Lake lies in the Bayinbuluke Grassland at the mid-section of Tianshan Mountains.  It is a scenic area of many snowy mountains and beautiful grasslands. The main reason for its attractiveness to travelers, are the beautiful swans that account for three fifths of the whole world. There swans are considered to be sacred birds, birds of chastity and the symbol of auspice, and inhabitants never haunt them. Swans feel free there in living, feeding, and flying.

Bayinbuluke has the meaning of 'fertile water' in Mongolian language. It is situated in central Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the hinterland of Tianshan Mountain ranges with the altitude from 2,300 meters to 3,100 meters. The area of the lake accounts 1000 sq. km. The lake area consists of hundreds of marshes and islands, encircled by snow-capped mountains. Spring water, snow water and rainwater all come into the lake. With advantageous natural conditions, the local climate is cool and moist. The abundant rainfall, crisscrossed streams, and dotted lakes make it one of the most scenic places in Xinjiang.

The Swan Lake of Bayinbuluke sits on the grassland, southwest of Bayin County. It is factually a large swamp made up of many series of small lakes, being the main nature reserve for the swan in China. In the sunshine, combining swans, lake water, peaks and clouds, make an extremely spectacular view. In the area, bird platforms have been built for tourists to watch birds from a high place, so there is no danger of being in trouble in swamps.

In addition to the swans, nearly 130 types of birds can be found here including golden eagles, snow cocks, Baijian eagles etc. The best time for visit the lake is May-June and September, you can see how swans hatch eggs and breed baby swan.

Bayinbuluke grassland is populated by 9 ethnic minorities such as Mongolian, Han, Tibetan, Ha etc, developing diversified ethnic flavors. The annual horse race and toxophily in Nadamu festival make your trip more interesting and unforgettable also. It is really a good idea to spend your leisure time there.

You can get there by shuttle buses traveling between Hejing County and Bayinbuluke every day, or by long-distance buses from Yining to Kashgar or Kucha which stops in Bayinbuluke also. The entrance to the grassland and lake is free.

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