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Grape Valley

Turpan is an oasis-city located in desert. Here is always hot and dry, this city is called “a firing land”.

Hot and dry climate is suitable for growing the most delicious and juicy grapes in China. Turpan is considered to be the grape capital of China. About quarter of all the grapes in China are grown in Turpan’s famous Grape Valley.

The Grape Valley is a huge paradise garden, its area amounts 400 hectares. The land is planted not only with grapes, but also with fruit trees. Plantations are watered by waters of melting Tianshan glaciers that flow in a complicated system of ground and underground canals, and comes to many fields and towns. In summer, heat temperatures in Turpan reach their maximum and the Grape Valley becomes a small oasis where bushy planted vines make a cool shadow.

Tashgar grape is one of the sweetest in the world.

Turpan raisins are especially tasty, dried out by the winds of deserts in special buildings with perforation in walls. After sun and desert heat takes the water from grapes, the raisins keep their juicy taste and sweet fragrance.

The best period for visiting the Grape Valley is at the end of August when the Grape Festival happens in the plantations. The season for collecting grapes is filled with sounds of talking and laughing Uygur women who collect grapes; their slim figures in colorful national dresses.

There are special tourist pergolas hidden by vines. There, next to the pond and in the shadow of vine, it is possible to sit at stone tables, have a rest, taste refreshing honey juicy fruits, drink local home-made wine that is ecologically friendly and appealing. The Grape Valley is a place of a harmony, happiness and a dream.

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