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Kashgar bazaar

Kashgar is a place where East meets West; a city crossed by 3 routes of the Silk Road. In fact, Kashgar is a huge bazaar located at the intersection of civilizations. Traders from the whole world come here sell and buy all kinds of things. This city has a huge economical importance and attracts millions of tourists every year. 
The main Kashgar attraction is grand Sunday bazaar, where it is possible to buy all that your heart desires. There’s a huge range of shops, goods are so various and unique, and people are so different: Tajiks, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Uygurs, Indians, Persians, Chineses and many, many other nationalities. 
Every Sunday thousands of farmers and nomads ride their carts and trolleys from the outskirts to come here. Some traders come even from Afghanistan and Pakistan. This variety of nationalities is incredible and their goods have a striking imagination.
Traders demonstrate their beautiful and strong horses, healthy cows, sheep, chickens; the others trade hand-made implements, colorful and high-quality fabrics (natural silk, cotton, wool, flax), eastern daggers and knives made from woods, with bone handles and bent blades, incredibly sharp and shiny.
Here you can find nice jewelry made with precious stones, silver and gold, beautiful like stars in the sky. Traders sell nice cosmetics like kohl, argan oil, mascara, perfume, lipstick and henna. Elegant ethnic clothes, soft carpets, turkish teapots, bronze ware, spices, fruits, nuts, dried fruits, meat, bread, eastern sweets, vine, etc. It is possible to bargain, sellers even enjoy it and you can buy the things you like for an extremely low price. 
Brisk sales last the whole day. Being tired of noisy shopping you can have a rest and have a lunch in a small national restaurant. There are plenty of different snacks, cookies, kebabs, soups, dishes with meat, vegetables, rice. Many kinds of vine and such national drinks like ayran, tan, koumiss. 
Coming to Kashgar bazaar is a nice possibility to find an overseas gimmick, see something unusual, enjoy the beauty of goods and people, meet new people and feel the vitality of life in Kashgar.
The photos are taken from www.xinhua.net, www.baldeem.ru

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