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Tuwa village

In the deep of Altay Mountains, surrounded by green grasslands next to the emerald Kanas Lake there is situated Tuwa village. The village was built 400 years ago; it is occupied by scanty national minority – tuwa. It preserved its singularity, its traditions and the way of life.
Inhabitants have their own life, away from noisy cities. The serenity of this place relaxes and make you feel harmony. 
The inhabitants of the village is Tuwa nationality, there are about 1400 people. They keep their traditions, customs, music, dances and the way of life.
Villagers live in wooden houses, every family has private homestead. In the morning they ride horses for tend herds or for fishing. In the reason that tuwas live in woods and steppes, they are called “forest folk” or “over clouds family”, because frequently clouds hide the houses of the mountain village and then the houses are seen again.
Here you can ride horses, eat tuwa dishes, drink rice wine and watch the performance of local musicians and singers.
Tuwa's performance is unique and exciting. Before the beginning guests are invited in a warm house and given a sweet rice wine. Beautifully dressed men and women begin singing folk songs and playing musical instruments and then dancing. 
The performance is started with the melody played by 67-old man Ye Deersi. He plays “chuwuer”, tuwa’s musical instrument. Chuwuer looks like “xiao”, Chinese bamboo vertical flute. It is made of rare plant. Ye Deersi is the only man in China who can play chuwuer. He said: “My second son is learning how to play it, after 2 or 3 years he will play with me.” 
Other musicians play mandolin, domra and flute. During the performance the cheerful atmosphere is dominated, spectators merrily applaud. 
This performance is must be seen by every traveler in Kanas. 
Also riding horses in gorgeous fields, woods, down the river and near lake is a good entertainment and rest.
Visit Tuwa village would be a good part of your journey in the West Xinjiang. 

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