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Id Kah Mosque

Kashgar (Kashi) is a large Muslim city, where ancient and narrow streets lead to the vast Id Kah square (means “festive”). In the centre of Id Kah square is Id Kah Mosque – heart of the ancient town and Kashagar’s spiritual symbol; it’s the biggest mosque in China built in 1442. It was built in the in the place of a Muslim cemetery to allow them pray for their descendants. Later, this Mosque enlarged and changed several times and finally got modern renovations.

 The central gates of the Mosque are 12 meters high. The Mosque is covered by yellow bricks, and has lovely appearance. Id Kah Mosque is one of few Chinese Mosques that was not influenced by Chinese culture and kept traditional Muslim architecture.

Behind the central gates you can see a vast courtyard with old poplars and pines that make shadow, so here is very comfortable and cool. In the middle of courtyard there is a pond surrounded by many ceramic vessels used by believers before praying. After the courtyard, you can enter 36 halls. The main praying hall is especially interesting. It is located in the west part of complex in special platform.

Walls are decorated by complicated geometric patterns. Bright red, yellow, green and orange tints contrast with golden background. Ceiling is painted with bright and colorful flowers.

Every day, believers come here to pray. Commonly, there are 2-3 thousands visitors and on Friday there are around 10 thousand. Tourists are allowed to come in but they should pay attention at their clothes. Hands and feet must be hidden by clothes; women are suggested to cover their heads. Shoes must be left outside, as in every mosques.

The mosque is rich in national style, imposing and grand, being acclaimed as a paragon in Uygur religious architectural art.

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