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Tuyugou Canyon

Tuyugou Canyon is located 55 km from Turpan. This place is practically unknown for the tourists, but popular for Muslims. It is considered to be one of the holiest and the most mysterious places in China. 
Tuyugou valley and a rage river divide Flaming Mountains in 2 parts. There are Uygur villages and grape plantations. The most attractive village is Tuyuk village. This Uygur village is considered by Muslims as a sanctuary. In the middle of the village there is an ancient mosque, even older that famous Emin minaret. 
Tuyugou Mazaar Village that has been named as “the most famous village of history and culture in China”; it is the oldest Uygur hamlet currently existing in Xinjiang, and keeps the oldest Uygur folkways and customs. It enjoys the name of “living fossil of folkways”, though with a history over 1700 years. 
The other local attraction are the mazars (muslim sacred places). In 2008, 8 km from Tuyugou Yanghai burial place was found with a 2700 year old mummy of a Caucasoid race man. 
Tuyuk village is very colorful: unburnt clay brick houses, mulberry trees, smiling desert inhabitants, and food fragrances in the air. There you can have a lunch in a house or in local restaurants, and taste real Uyghur cuisine. As Tuyuk is far from cities and the climate is severe, Tuyuk is uninfluenced by the tourist business and has preserved its medieval image. 

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