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Kanas Lake

Kanas is a national nature and geological reserve. It is the only taiga-type forest of Siberia in China. Erqis river springs from the Kanas Lake and flows to the Arctic Ocean in the end.

In Mongolian “Kanas” means “the lake in the valley”. The lake is situated in the high of 1340 meters over sea and its total area amounts 5588 square kilometers. Its maximal depth counts 1,885 m.

The lake is surrounded by snow mountains, dense forests and charming grasslands. Kanas is the only Chinese reserve that has Paleolithic euro-Siberian flora and fauna. There are a lot of valuable trees breeds as Siberian larch, Korean pine, dragon fir and birch. Many local kinds of flora and fauna are unique in China. The reserve is not only picturesque, but also is of great historical, cultural value, interesting for a science.

There is a bridge over the lake which from you can admire scenic view of outskirts, grandeur panorama of the mountains, and morning fog on their peaks.

 In the road from Burtin to Kanas there is the Perdue Dragon bay. In the middle of the river that flows into the lake situated a huge rock surrounded by raging waves. A wooden bridge connects east and west lakesides near its estuary. In the north, the lake water is clear and mirror-like. In the south, a raging stream brings its waters down the river.

1 km from the north of the Perdue Dragon bay there is the Blue Moon bay. According to the local legends this is a trail of Chang E while she was flying to the Moon. Blue Moon bay full of calm finesse is a symbol of Kanas reserve.

There is a Tuwa village close to Kanas reserve. Tuwa nationality is one of the most ancient ethnical groups that lives in Kanas lake region for 400 years, hunting and cattle-breeding. Brave and strong, they are good in riding horses, skiing, singing and dancing. Their traditional way of life and customs are maintained. Wooden Tuwa houses are built there, making villages. There is light smoke over the houses and the milk wine fragrance is fills the air. Ancient Tuwa villages are as mysterious as Kanas Lake.

Visiting Kanas reserve, it is possible to admire charming views, serene river valleys, different fauna kinds, rich pastures, green taiga, mysterious alpine lakes and grandeur glaciers.  Here you can enjoy ancient and unique customs of Tuwa people, who believes that a man is a part of nature. There is no wonder, Kanas is a precious sanctuary of nature.

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