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Cities of Xinjiang

Xinjiang, the largest of China’s provinces and is interesting due to it’s economical, political, cultural and geographical position. This province was once crossed by the Great Silk Road that provided the province a great profit and a means of development. The cities situated on the camelcade roots of the Silk Road were particularly rich and modern, people from west and east civilizations met there. There were cosmopolitan cities.

Nowadays, these cities have preserved their greatness and can be visited. They are: Urumqi, Turpan, Hami, Changji, Ili, Aksu, Korla, Kuqa, Artux, Kashgar, Hotan. These cities keep monuments of the Great Silk Road, such as Muslim mosques, Buddhist Temples, bazaars, old streets, caves, ruins of the ancient cities nearby, etc. All these attractions are worth to be visited.

Xinjiang landscape is varied, and its nature is spectacular. The north of the province is cold and mountainous; the south is a hot desert. Every tourist can choose the climate and landscape to his or her tastes: hot deserts and oases where tasty fruits and vegetables are grown; or cool north with its rocky mountains, cold and clearest lakes, green grasslands and scenic forests.

The most attractive cities in the south are: Turpan, Kashgar, Hotan, Aksu, Kuqa, Korla. These cities are located in the oases of Taklimakan Desert at the channels of Karez irrigation system that brings water from Tianshan mountains and irrigate the fields near these cities, inhabitants use this clear water for cooking and boiling flavored tea and feel very comfortable in such a hot climate.

There is a plenty of scenic mountains, grasslands, lakes, rivers and swamps in the north of Xinjiang. In the villages prosper cattle-breeding and infrastructure in the cities. There is always fresh air, summer is warm and comfortable, and winters are snowy and cold. This location is more various and more populated. Here you can come to the modern megalopolis Urumqi, then go to the land of the sweetest melons, Hami, then to green Shihezi, further to boisterous Yining, to surrounding yourself with wild nature Altay, to the prosperous Karamay. These cities are surrounded by extremely beautiful places, and they provide a nice entertainment in historical and modern attractions: huge museums, ancient temples, green parks, ponds, shops, bazaars, night clubs, amusement parks, stadiums, etc. You will never be bored in these cities, and inhabitants are very friendly and hospitable. There you can visit attractions, take photos with picturesque views and vivid people, eat exotic food, do extreme sports, enjoy shopping and night life.

Every city in Xinjiang is absorbing, every city welcomes guests. This is the East, this is Xinjiang!


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