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Aksu city

Aksu city is at the southern foot of Tianshan Mountains, upstream of Tarim River, from which the city name of Aksu comes from as Aksu means “white water city” in Uygur language.

It was a place under control by Gumo Kingdom and Wensu Kingdom of the 36 kingdoms during the period of Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty, an important post station on the ancient Silk Road and the birthplace of Qiuci Culture and Duolang Culture. Now it is the political, economic and cultural center of Aksu Prefecture.

The economy of Aksu is mostly agricultural, with cotton, in particular long-staple cotton as the main product. Also produced are grain, fruits, oils, beets and so on. The industry mostly consists of weaving, cement, and chemical industries.

Aksu has warm temperature zone arid climate, with rare rainfall but high evaporation, a dry climate.

Aksu has several nice attractions including the beautiful Tarim River, Duolang park, Kekeya Greening Project ecological area, and the river wetlands. Aksu River Wetlands is national nature reserve. There are many rare breeds of animals and birds, in winter many birds come there for wintering. Mainly there are poplars. It is a good place for walking on the weekend.

Aksu airport is in Wensu County 12 km north of Aksu City. Currently round-way flights from Aksu to Urumqi, Hotan and Kuqa are in service. Of which 2 round-way flights are available per day between Aksu and Urumqi. Train to Aksu from Urumqi is available; trains connect Aksu City with Artux, Kashi, Kuqa, Luntai, Korla, Turpan and Urumqi.



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Major attractions in Aksu :

Subashi Ancient City