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Altay city

Altay city borders upon Mongolia in the north, covering an area of 10,800 square kilometers, with a population around 170,000.
Nationalities in the area include:  Han, Kazakh, Uygur, Mongol, Tatar, etc. Altai city is political, economical and cultural center of Altay Prefecture and has long enjoyed the name of “Gold Mountain”, with long history, rich resources, vast expanse of territory, making it one of the main animal husbandry bases of Xinjiang.

Altay has a cold semi-arid climate, without the strong monsoonal influence on seasonal precipitation patterns that defines the climate across much of China and an annual precipitation total of only 191 millimeters (7.5 in). Winters are long, bitterly cold and dry. January average temperature is −15.5 °C (4.1 °F).  The presence of the Altay Mountains to the north helps moderate the severity of winter cold as compared to locations further to the east. Spring and autumn are short but mild. Summers are very warm, but dry, with a July average temperature of 21.8 °C (71.2 °F). Sunshine is abundant, with 2,993 hours of bright sunshine annually, and no month having less than 50% of the possible total.

Altay has an airport. Also you can get there by Urumqi – Beitun train, then take regular bus to Altay City and drive 1 hour.



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Major attractions in Altay :

Kanas Lake