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Artux is a county-level city in Xinjiang. The area is 15,509 km² and the total population is 200,000. Artux is the seat of Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture. It Is situated south of the Tianshan mountains, in the northwest part of the Tarim Basin. The city's annual mean temperature is 12oC, precipitation 80 millimeters. Artux's economy is primarily agriculture, the agricultural products are mainly cotton, grapes, and sheep.

Artux is close to Kashi Economic Development Zone, neighboring Central-Asia countries to the west, Pakistan and India to the south and Kyrgyzstan to the north, with a border line of 129 km, having long enjoyed unique regional advantages of "five ports connect eight countries and one highway bridges Europe and Asia". Artux also enjoys reputations of the cradle of modern Uygur education, land of fig and of Mung Grape, and "business city in Western China", etc.

Artux City enjoys typical temperate zone continental climate, characterized by distinctive four seasons, sufficient light and heat, dry and less rain; quick temperature rise in spring, quick weather change, more dust, less wind and snow. In the hottest month the average temperature is 27.4oC, in the coldest month average temperature -9oC; annual sunlight time of 2,500-3,000 hours; long frost-free period; northwest prevailing.


Highway: National Highway No.314, Provincial Highway No.309, Provincial Highway No. 306, Provincial Highway No.212, Special Highway No. 661, Special Highway No. 660 all pass through Artux. Additionally, there are three highways to Central Asia through Turgat, Ilkshtan and Khunjerab ports, and regular buses and trucks for international passenger and goods transport.

Civil air: only about 30km from Kashi Airport; from Urumqi to Kashi by air, then take buses to relevant tourists attractions in Ke-Prefecture.

Railway: South Xinjiang Railway passes through Artux.

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