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Changji city

Changji is the capital city of Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, is the political, economical and cultural center of the Prefecture. It borders upon Urumqi City in east, Hutubi County in west, Hejing County of Bayinguoleng Mongol Autonomous Prefecture to the south and Hoboksar County of Tacheng Prefecture and Fuhai County of Altay Prefecture to the north. Has population of 32 ethnic groups including Han, Hui, Kazak, Uygur, etc. Meanwhile, Changji city is in the list of the first batch key cities under special support for the western development program of the Autonomous Region, and enjoys the honors and fames of the city with the best investment environment, the best living conditions, the best transport and communications, as well as high investment return by the State Planning Commission and other authorities. Main tourist attractions in the city are: Changji Hui people’s snack street, Changji Liuhuang gully, Suoerbastao natural scenic spot, Jinlaoba expedition tourism scenic spot, museum of dinosaurs, ethnic folkways garden, etc.

Changji is situated 35 km away from Urumqi, capital city of Xinjiang, to the east, 18 km from Urumqi International Airport; with National Highway No.312, the second Eurasian Continental Bridge and Urumqi-Kyutun Expressway passing through; a key station of communications to all places in North Xinjiang.


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Major attractions in Changji :

Heavenly LakeChangji Museum of Dinosaurs