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At the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain, on the north route of the Silk Road,with mountains and water being elegant and pretty, filling the air with fragrances is the ecological tourist city of this rural area called Fukang city. In A.D. 1776, Emperor Qianlong chose the purpose of "an abundance of material, the people's safety and health", who bestowed the name for building the county. As early as the Han and Tang periods, Fukang was an important stopover on the ancient Silk Road.

The whole of Fukang area is 11726 sq. km., with a population of around 1.5million. It is located on the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains, where the famous national-level Tianchilake scenic spot. Nearby, the superhighway includes Turpan and Urumqi, national road 216, Wu-Gan railway passes through the whole area.

Fukang's economy relies primarily on heavy industry, agriculture and tourism.

Among the tourist attractions in the area are Bogeda peak and the Heavenly Lake of Tianshan.Bogeda Biosphere Reserve, in the east part of the Tianshan Mountains, was designated a member of UNESCO's Man and Biosphere reserve in 1990.

21st century Fukang is filling city with charm and hope. The Fukang people open their arms widely and welcome visitors and friends to visit Fukang. Let us go along the Silk Road, where it connects with Eurasia to create civilization, the environment is exquisite, characteristic bright new Fukang!

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