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Hotan is situated in the south of Uygur Autonomous Region. Hotan city, the administrative center of Hotan Prefecture, is strategically situated in the southern route of the Silk Road, where ancient middle and western routes of the Silk Road pass by. Here, tourists can enjoy ancient civilization thousands of years old, many human relics, ancient landscapes and Buddhism cultural sites. Hotan boasts tourism resources with their own characteristics, lofty snow-capped mountains, magnificent glaciers, deep tranquil rock caves, old rock paintings, amazing alpine basins, mysterious desert jungles, miraculous odd red and white mountains, vast expanses of grasslands, various beautiful lakes and marshes, crisscrossing oases in rural scenery, etc. Hotan River is the only one flowing through Taklimakan Desert, with branches of the Yulongkashi River and Karakash River, which are famous for sheep fat jade and black jade from these rivers.

Hotan jade has a history of 7000 years at least in China, and serves as the core subject of jade culture in China.

The main attractions at Hotam and near it are: Hotan Grand Bazaar, Hotan carpet factory, Kunlun Lake park, Keliya village, Walnut King sight spot, Grape corridor, Qina Folkways Garden, Wuluwati scenic spot, Rewak Buddha Temple site, Niya site.

You can get there by bus, train or plane from Urumqi. Travelling around Hotan you’d better hire a car. For smooth travel, please, be sure to hire good performance cross-county jeep.


There are many hotels available for choice in Hotan city, for example, Hotan hotel or Hotan Yingbin Hotel. In addition, there are Wenzhou Hotel and Muztag Hotel with good conditions.

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Major attractions in Hotan :