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Karamay city

“Karamay” means “black oil” in Uygur language. Karamay was established in 1958. Now is prefecture-level city of Xinjiang, with total area of more than 7,700 square kilometers, its population accounts 450,000 people including 38 ethnic groups.

Tourist attractions of Karamay city mainly consist of four sections:

  • Natural landscapes: Devil city, Heiyou Hill, Ailik Lake, Baiyanghe Canyon, Color Stone Beach, Dinosaur fossil Hill, Zhongguai Desert Natural Vegetation Reserve, Dushanzi Mud Volcano.

  • Oil industry sights: Dushanzi Oil Well Site, Dushanzi Distiller site, Karamay Exhibition Hall.

  • City landscapes: Century Park, New Administrative District, Karamay River, Chaoyang Park, Sunshine and Water Park, Desert International Golf Club, Jurassic Ice and Snow Park, Devil City Dinosaur and Rare Stone Museum, Longyin Villa, Dushanzi Skiing Site.

  • Desert ecological and agriculture landscapes: Greater Agriculture Sightseeing Park, Forestry base, Pulin Ecological Sci-tech Park, Courtyard economic zone, Yongsheng Villa, etc.

In downtown area you can entertain in night clubs, bars, tea houses, KTVs, snookers and bowling centers, etc. Gyms, athletic fields, basketball, volleyball, football and other game fields and sport facilities are well equipped.

Karamay also boasts fascinating night view. You can have a good walk in People’s square, Nine Dragon Pool, Water Park and Caramay River Bridge.

Karamay is a modern, rich city based on oil development with Han nationality as a main part of population. They migrated from the other parts of China for construction the oil industry. So Chinese restaurants are available everywhere in the city, there you can enjoy 4 traditional Chinese cuisines. There are also a lot of ethnic restaurants with Uigur, Kazakh, Uzbek, Hui, Mongol dishes. You can taste local snacks in Boda Marketplace on Tianshan Road, Night Fair on Tahe Road, and in Cuisine Street under Karamay River Bridge.

Karamay has an airport with available domestic flights including Beijing, Chengdu and Urumqi. Karamay – Urumqi flight is available once a day, about 40 minutes per flight.

There is no train station but Karamay Passenger Transport Center has long-distance regular buses to Urumqi, Kuytun, Tacheng, Ili and other places in Xinjiang. There are regular buses to tourist attractions around Karamay and surrounding areas that arer very comfortable for travelling.

Bus tickets in Karamay cost 1 yuan, flag-fall price for taxi is 5 yuan.

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Major attractions in Karamay :