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Shihezi is a sub-prefecture-level city in northern Xinjiang. Shihezi is located at the northern foothills of the middle part of the Tianshan range approximately 136 kilometres (85 mi) from the regional capital of Urumqi.
Shihezi City is a county level administrative unit and a successful model in China’s history of stationing troops to open up wasteland and garrison frontier, with the site selection, design and construction by army, and creating the miracle of “man advancing while sand retreating” in the world.

With beautiful environment, unique culture and dazzling civilization, the city is reputed as “Pearl of Gobi” and “the city with good living environment”.

Located in an area further from the nearest seacoast than any other region on earth, Shihezi has a continental semi-arid climate, with very large temperature differences between summer and winter.

The main attractions of Shihezi are: Army Reclamation Museum, Premier Zhou Enlai Memorial, Ai Qing Poem Memorial, Beihu (North Lake) scenic spot.

Shihezi cuisine highlights Liangpizi (a cold noodle), Lamb mutton, hand-pulled noodles, roast lamb, etc. Good places for you to taste local cuisine are The Plaza Cuisine Center, night fair in Jinma Marketplace and in Xihuan Department Store.

The biggest shopping centers are Xingfu-Road pedestrian mall, Wenzhou Street, Xiyanghong Street.

You can get to Shihezi by bus, car or train, there is no airport in Shihezi.

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Major attractions in Shihezi :