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Wusu is a county-level city with more than 100,000 residents in Xinjiang. It is a part of Tacheng Prefecture of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture.

Wusu is a city, where oil-production is a major part of the economy. Wusu is an oasis in Dzungarian basin,  between the major cities of Bole and Shihezi in Northern Xinjiang and west of Urumqi and Kuitun, south of Karamay.

Wusu has splendid hot springs. They are available the whole year round, their temperature is around 42-45oC. This water is good for strengthening immunity, and improving metabolism.

Wusu is also famous local beers.local brewer -- Wusu Beer Co., Ltd.-- produces around 200,000 tonnes of beer annually and ranks among China's top 15 beer brands.

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Major attractions in Wusu :