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Yining city

Yining city, a famous city of history and culture in China, is an important materials collecting and distributing center and industrial center in Ili River Valley.

In Qing Dynasty, the cuty was the seat of Ili General. Now it is a capital city of Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture and seat of headquarters of the Agricultural Division No.4, XPCC. Main tourist attractions are: People’s Park, Lin Zexu Memorial, site of Jinding Temple, Fire Dragon Cave, Ili River Bridge, Baitula Mosque, ancient city of Turpan Valley, Mausoleum of the 11th generation grandson of Gengis Khan, etc.

Food in Yining has strong flavor of local ethnic groups. Main local snacks include milk tea, pilaf (pilau), mutton bean jelly soup, local-flavor steamed bun with meat stuffing, Naren (noodle with mutton and soup), nang (Uygur cake), hand-pulled noodles, etc. The place with most local snacks is surrounding area of the passenger transport center on Jiefang Road and the Cuisine City on Hongqi Road.


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Major attractions in Yining :