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Xinjiang is a land that occupied by many nationalities, like Uygurs, Kazakhs, Huis, Kirgizs, Tatars, Daurs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Mongols, Russians and the others, totally 43 nationalities.

National customs, ancient legends, common and separate history of nationalities weave an enchanting pattern. Colorful national peculiarities of the different ethnical groups attract travelers to Xinjiang.

At all times Xinjiang was famous for its national musical and dancing arts. Xinjiang music is very emotional and expressive. While listening to Xinjiang musicians playing and singing you can feel an unbounded joy and deep sadness, hear gentle murmur of a river, birds singing, cheerful laugh. There are different kinds of musical instruments: tambourine, domra, kubyz, kurai, harmonica, guitar, mandolin, and violin.  

Xinjiang people are the great lovers of dancing. Their dances and songs have ancient roots and have their own unique pattern. No festivals are spent without dances and music. Typical features of dances are smooth, light and rush expressive movements at the same time. It is a great pleasure to watch slim, supple figures of black hair girls wearing bright clothes and strong, handsome men are moving in the nice national dances. Frequently old people and children are also dancing. Sometimes there are hundreds of dancing people and such festivals last until the night.

Hans, Uygurs, Kazakhs, Kirgizs, Tatars, Daurs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, etc. are known for their hospitality and kindliness. If you are invited to their houses, be ready for the rich buffet with East dishes. Xinjiang national dishes are hand-pulled noodles, baked dumplings, pilaf, roasted whole lamb, shish kebab, bishbarmak. These dainties would like even epicures.

While travelling around Xinjiang you will be delighted by the variety of ancient architecture. The old Islamic mosques, Buddhist temples, ancient towns will make you feel the atmosphere of antiquity and mystery.

Visiting Xinjiang means to experience new impressions, to enter the new world with joy and happiness, where laugh and songs are flying in the air, colorful national dresses are everywhere. The view of peaceful dwellings, surrounded by farms, beautiful women collecting ripe fruits, the murmur of trees, fragrance of food and spices suggests that this is a wonderful place to visit.

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