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Travel Reviews

Ancient China Silk Road

Reviewed September, 2013

The travel along Xinjiang Province comprising the route of the Gobi Desert , the beautiful Kanas North western lake , the moon lake, the China Ghost Town, Turpan the grape paradise, the Mugao Grotto of thousands of caves with the Buddhist sculptures , the paintings and the sutras and of course Shih Huang Ti China's unifier and his post death world fund in the the underground city of Xian is an experience.
Several UNSECO sites such as Xinan, the Mogao Grotto is amazing and gives you insights into China's thousands of years civilization and the grandeur of things.
Along the silk road you will also see the richest lands of natural resources of China such as Oil fields , the wind farms .
On a more humane level you will see how the nomadic tribes live, eat and sleep .poorest of the poor and not very initiated but providing a great livelihood for themselves and the region.
The beautiful cultural dances and performances by the beautiful UYGHUR women and men.
It is a very enriching and enlightening experience and one can understand why that route was taken by the merchants of the centuries ago and appreciate the development of China today.

Within a completely different China

Reviewed August, 2013

This region, in the extreme North West of China, constitutes a unique experience, with its wild landscapes, a population of Kazakhs, Russians, Arabs, Mongols and all possible cross-breeds, populated by a Muslim minority named Uigur. The ancient city of Kashgar is wonderful, with its old buildings made of mud and bricks, its narrow steep streets, houses built such in a way to look like they are airconditioned in the hottest weather, a Sunday market attracting hundreds of thousands visitors. The desert, the nomadic people, the mountains, everything gives the visitor the feeling of being in a different China .

Kashgar is wonderful! 

Reviewed in Apr 22, 2007, 9:23 PM

If you are thinking about a trip to Kashgar, do it! I just spent three weeks in China, and Kashgar was my favorite place. It is fun, colorful, interesting - just a great place. Places to see: the animal market on Sunday, the Sunday market (it's open everyday but bigger and more exciting on Sunday; a nearby village with a Monday animal market and interesting bazaar, the old city, the mosques, the tombs, Kashgari's tomb. Have tea on the balcony of the tea house and watch the busy people go by - cars, donkey carts, mopeds, push carts, pedal carts - a little of everything. There's a beautiful lake not far away as well as mountains and desert. The best part is the people, from the rascally carpet dealers to the kids wanting their pictures taken. It's a photographer's heaven!

Tianchi Lake, Urumqi

Reviewed September 19, 2013

There are a few things to remember when vacationing in China. Avoid the popular sights over the weekends and their national holiday periods.Urumqi has grown to a large city that has change considerably over the past 10 years. It is indeed surprising to find such a beautiful spot just about over an hour drive from the city. It is defintely much better to travel around in a car with a few companions. From the main carpark, you head for the main building to purchase the entrance ticket upon which you board a bus. The bus winds upwards for a few kilometers to the stop point. Here you can take a buggy ride or walk to your sights. This scenic location is huge and you can spent a whole day if you enjoy walking around for a few hours. Best to bring along sandwiches and snacks. There are walks around the lake which give you different views with mountains in the background. It is well-maintained with proper toilet facilities. There is also a boat ride on the lake. There is also a temple that is accessible by walking or the boat. you need to climb up 200 to 300 m of steps upwards to enjoy the high views. On a clear cool day, this is worth it. Enjoy the sights at a slow pace.

The Silk Road adventure

Reviewed November 2, 2013 

This is really Central Asia disguised as China, with the exception of Urumqi, which is very much like other Han Chinese cities, with high-rise apartment houses, a population of more than 2 million people, horrible traffic and glitzy shopping malls. The Sunday Animal Market in Kashgar is utterly amazing in scope, the Uyghur people were hospitable and warm, the Uyghur food - airan and yogurt, noodles, kebabs, pilaf and delicious ripe melons -- exceptionally good. Riding camels near the Flaming Mountains was a high-light for most of our group. The hotels in Kashgar and Turpan were not western-friendly with rock-hard beds, no western breakfasts. And few English-speaking staff but the surroundings and sights compensated for the lack of comfort for a few nights.

Visited October 2013 

Another china engineering marvel

Reviewed November 8, 2012 

Rated the 3rd marvel after Great Wall n Grand Canal, this describe how a desert region can survive for the past 3000 years. Water from the snow capped mountains was directed through thousand miles of manmade underground tunnels. Wells tunnels were dug all the way from melting mountains to irrigate the crops at the desert lowlands.

Really interesting but yet not well published like the Great Wall.

This place is exceptionally hot in summer and you could see beds on rooftops. Cooler to sleep on rooftops.

Echoes of the past

Reviewed August 23, 2012 

This site is not as popular as the Jiaohe ruins, but somehow they had a greater affect on me, perhaps because they are less well preserved. The scale of these ruins is really impressive, and you really can imagine how grand the city must have been at one point. 

I will echo the suggestion to hire a donkey cart, as the ruins are huge and it is extremely hot in Turpan, with the ruins providing very little shade. The donkey cart will stop near the Buddhist temple area and allow you to walk around and explore for awhile before returning to the entrance. 

Visited in August 2012 

Great place to enjoy na?ture 

Reviewed October 5, 2013 

We did enjoy very much the hours we spent at Tianshan Grand Canyon - although we took the shuttle bus inside of the natural reserve, we realized that taking the own car enables you to stop at a lot of more interesting spots on the way up the mountain. Unfortunately, the lake on top of the mountain is rather polluted, however, for people enjoying nature, the overall park is a great place to be. 

Visited October 2013 

The above reviews are abstracted from www.tripadvisor.com.


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