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China''s first eco-observatory built in Xinjiang

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China has built its first eco-observatory site in the northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to help better preserve the environment of local tourist spots. The observatory site is established with the help of the UN’s World Tourism Organization in an effort to help boost sustainable development in China’s tourism industry.

Xu Jing, chief of Asia-Pacific Dept., UN World Tourism Organization, said, "With more and more foreign tourists coming to China, it’s time to put our focus on sustainable development of the tourist spots. In China, we start with Kanas in Xinjiang. We hope the eco-observation site here can be an example for other tourist spots around China. Other developing countries also hope to learn something from China’s experience on environmental preservation in tourism. I believe Kanas can be a successful example."

Kanas is located in the middle section of the Altai Mountains near the very northern tip of Xinjiang. The region boasts various kinds of natural sceneries, including glaciers, lakes, forests and grass lands, and attracts tourists from all around the world. Kanas has made efforts to achieve a balance between tourism development and environmental protection. The World Tourism Organization hopes the eco-observatory will also become an example for other tourist spots in Western China.


Source: CCTV.com