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Xinjiang tourism shopping market is still hot

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Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau party secretary Li Jidong, Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau deputy inspector and his entourage arrived in Xinjiang Western Sun Qideng light base, Frontier Hotel for Xinjiang tourism shopping market research.

Western Region of Xinjiang Light Industry Base is the national second-class ports, the autonomous region and Urumqi key construction silent existing international logistics area, foreign hotel, Products trading, supporting several major regional service area, has been built into the Urumqi City, the largest function the most complete, the most rational planning of national second-class ports, to form a travel, shopping, accommodation, customs clearance, customs clearance, transportation chain service model, port built Western International Hotels, Western International Trade City, Western International Logistics Park and other ancillary service areas, etc. At present the annual reception capacity of 55 million passengers, with exports of 30 billion yuan.

Frontier Hotel is a border in the 1990s with the development of tourism and shopping rise, is still the most famous Xinjiang International Trade Market, one of accommodation, catering, entertainment, commerce market, labor, warehousing, short-distance transport, such as one , is a national second-class ports, over goods worth about 4 billion yuan.

 Li Jidong secretary said that in the current situation, tourism, shopping can maintain strong growth momentum into non-hi, hope to continue to do a good job to maintain the sustainable development of tourism and shopping momentum. Tourist shopping is an important component of small-scale trade in Xinjiang part of Xinjiang's foreign trade in a prominent place, to develop tourism and shopping will not only Xinjiang's foreign trade development has played a strong role in promoting the development of tourism in Xinjiang is more to provide a strong support base for the development in the Central Asian countries, as the Xinjiang playing a major channel of international tourism to contribute.


Source: Tianshan.net