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Nowadays, people travel for a lot of reasons. Some tourists go to see battlefields or other historic remains. But more and more people would like to go for an exciting adventure. If you want something adventurous ,Xinjiang is a wonderful place that you can’t miss.



Desert of hundreds of miles vast, sky-blue lakes, snow leopard, bayanbulak swan and brown bear--this land of Gobi desert and incredible grasslands is as mystical as it is unmissable.
Each year, thousands of trekkers are appealed to this mystical land with large scope of ancient city ruins, fascinating culture and picture perfect scenes in every direction.
One of the most challenging hiking across the world’s second biggest desert- Taklamakan Desert starts in Yopurga, which is the last village before the Desert, then start the adventure for the oasis.
Other famous trekking spots include, Tianshan trekking, which treks into the remote region of Tian Shan with the highlights of Bogda and Heaven Lake; or Muztag Ata And Karakul Lake Trek, during which you will trek through grassland, valleys and glacier on the eastern Pamirs Plateau in Xinjiang to capture stunning natural beauty.


Camel riding

As the ship in desert, camel played an important role in carriage connecting China with Europe for thousands of years. We could say it is camel that carried the process of Silk Road trade. Although modern transportation has take place of camel in most of the silkroad area, camel is still alive as mainly transportation tool in some countryside. Riding camel is also an exotic experience, through which we can trace that period of history faded away, also recall the memory of our ancestors. Let the wind dry our hair, and listen the bell tinkling in Sun set!




Winter in Xinjiang is absolutely cold and the snow covers everything. But the chill does not keep people inside and the hearty will find a way to enjoy winter as Urumqi is turned into a big ski resort by the heavy snow.

For example, Silk Road International Ski Resort is the biggest in northwest and one of the best ski resorts in China. It is located at PingXiLiang Village, ShuiXiGou Town where you can reach by direct bus from Urumqi International Grand Bazaar. The drive takes about 40 minutes.



Each year centering with the Taklamakan Desert Xinjiang offers a large scale passionate Taklamakan Desert Exploration group tour. Driving through the vast desert gives visitors the chance to experience firsthand what the journey for ancient travelers would have been like, furthermore tourists will also get the freedom to explore and discover the wonders of this landscape at their own pace.


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