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Xinjiang Shopping

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There are a lot of choices for shopping in Xinjiang. For example,


Silk is famous throughout Xinjiang and China for its contrasting bright colors. Commonly used colors include green, blue, yellow, purple, gold, black and white. The patterns, largely take abstract forms. While traditionally silk is used in clothing, it is not just for clothing, as many tourists buy a few pieces to decorate their homes.


Carpet making is one of Kashgar's most traditional and famous crafts. In fact, Xinjiang carpets and rugs have become famous throughout China and the world because of Xinjiang craftsmen's masterful workmanship and timeless style.Kashgar carpets and rugs come in many varieties with different degrees of intricacy in their design. They tend to be rather colorful with complicated patterns. Xinjiang rugs are both practical and artistic creations. While very durable, they also are quite soft and comfortable. They are also available in a range of sizes from single person seats to room size carpets.

Jade Carvings

Xinjiang produces jade flower vases, birds, beasts, flowers, figures, imitations of ancient vessels, jewelry and ornaments with the world-renowned Hotan white jade, Manasi green stone and Hami yellow jade materials. Its jade products have been sold well in Europe, the United States, Japan, the countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau.


Xinjiang boasts a great varieties of fruits, including Hami melons, fragrant pears, Pomegranates, Seedless White Grapes. Among them the most famous is Hami melons. They are grown in the Tarim, Junggar and Turpan basins, and Harm Prefecture. Harm melons are sweet, tasty and full of nutrition. According to a research, Hami melon contains a great amount of vitamins, four to seven times of those in watermelons, six times of those in apples, and 1.3 times of those in apricots.

Xinjiang Knives

Originally made in the Kashgar area, Kashgar is still famous for exotic Xinjiang knives that can be purchased in most bazaars and markets. These knives are more dagger than knife and are made according to extremely creative designs with various themes and materials. Some knives are crafted with jewels and ivory and are extremely expensive, while others are made with carved wooden handles. Styles and themes include various birds and animals, phoenixes, and dragons.


The muslim Uigur peoples are famous in China for their caps and hats (known in Chinese as Huamao) known in Uigur as "duoba". The caps are made with great attention to design and detail. Their special characteristics include intricate embroidery, silver edging and detailing, all done by hand. They are not only practical, but also good presents. These Uigur hats can be found throughout Xinjiang especially in the markets.


Uigur women in Kashgar are fond of wearing all kinds of jewelry including magnificent rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and hairpins, many of which are inlaid with glimmering precious stones, making them a hot item for sale to tourists and locals.


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