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  • Mahmud

    Greetings! My name is Mahmut and I work for CYTS. I warmly welcome you all to my home town Turpan! Xinjiang is the largest province in china with a long history, colorful cultures, interesting customs and different religions. I will be more than happy to introduce to you all of that. If you have any questions I'll be here to answer, hope you have a wonderful trip in Turpan.

  • Nisagul

    Welcome to Xinjiang! My name is Nisagul, it means beautiful women as a flower. My home town is a capital of Xinjiang Urumqi. I am much honored to be your guide and able to introduce you my home town, its history, explain my culture, customs, religions. If you have any questions or any special interest, please do not hesitate to ask me, I hope you have a great time here!

  • Madina

    Dear Xinjiang guests! Welcome to hospitable land of songs and dances! My name is Madina and I was born in Xinjiang, so I know it well and love very much. I will tell you the most interesting facts about Xinjiang, about its nature, history, culture, ancient legends and local traditions. I promise you to provide you an exciting journey and nice rest without any troubles.

  • Rena

    My dear friends!I’m happy to greet you in Xinjiang, the land of songs and dances, woods and deserts, the land where horses are feeding in peaceful grasslands and sweet grapes are ripening under intense sunlight. I willingly will lead you, tell you about attractions, legends, customs, answer your questions. Let’s explore Xinjiang together!

  • Parhat

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to welcome you to this beautiful land! We have amazing sceneries, delicious food, all kinds of activities, and above all warm-hearted people. Also, you will have a chance to experience the mixed culture of Chinese ethnic groups, which you can hardly see in any other area. Please do come to Xinjiang and you will never regret!