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5-Days Xinjiang Popular Discount Tour

Tour Code :ACXJ012

Tour Destination :Xinjiang

Tour Duration :5 days

Departure Date :Daily departure

Tour Type :Tour Package

Customizable :Yes


Xinjiang is a land of contrast and there is no better way to contrast the pleasant coolness of the mountain lakes than with dry vastness of the Taklimakan Desert – experience it all!


Day 1 Kashgar - Karakul Lake by road
Today, we will drive along the Sino-Pakistan KKH high way to Karakul Lake which is one of the highest altitude lakes in the world. This is beginning of the famous Pamir Highlands—called throughout history as the “Roof of the World”. It is the starting point of three famous mountains—the Pamir Mountains, Hindikush Mountains, and the Kunlun Mountains.


We will stop for the famous Monday market in Upal village, which is about 45kms from Kashgar. It is one of the most interesting local village markets. Afterward we will visit the famous tomb of Mahmud Kashgari—an important Uyghur scholar in 11th century.


After Upal village we will visit a family of Kipchak people where we will learn about their lifestyle and customs. You can feel free to stop for photos on the way as often as you like and for as long as you like.
After Gez checkpoint, you can visit a Silk Road Inn (Uch Kapa). It was a small hostel for the traveling caravans throughout history. It is really a very interesting place to stop and visit.
After crossing the wood bridge at Gez we will reach Sand Mountain and Bulungkul Lake. We will stop to take photos there and talk with Kyrgyz young shepherds. Pressing on we will finally reach our day’s destination at the beautiful and remote Karakul Lake. At Karakul Lake you will have time to explore the mountains and visit with locals. You will be amazed at the herds of camels, sheep, and goats wandering around the area.


That evening you will enjoy the hospitality of a local Kyrgyz minority family before settling down for the night in local fashion in a Yurt.

Day 2 Karakul Lake - Tashkorgan by road
After our breakfast with the Kyrgyz family we will continue along the Karakorum Highway to Tashkorgan. The beauty of the mountains along this highway is truly breathtaking and can cause us to easily forget that for thousands of years this was one of the most deadly passes along the Silk Road.


When we arrive in Tashkorgan we will visit the ancient Stone Fort, which was a strategic military fortress for hundreds of years. Now it serves as a great vantage point from which to take in the beauty of the valley, which is filled with Tajik shepherds and their flocks. The Tajik people used to believe that they had descended from the eagle and the eagle still is their venerated symbol. It is not uncommon to see the beautiful eagles circling overhead. 


After visiting the local markets of Tashkorgan we will spend the night with a local Tajik family and learn more about their customs and way of life.

Day 3 Tashkorgan - Kashgar by road
We will return to Kashgar along the Karakorum Highway. Along the way we will stop at the Oytagh Natural Glacier Park. Here we will trek along the beautiful glaciers and enjoy the beauty of nature.


On our return trip drive by Karakul Lake and stop if you would like to take some more pictures. We will spend the night in Kashgar and you will have time to explore the city and enjoy the night markets of Kashgar before returning to your hotel for the evening.

Day 4 Kashgar – Yengsar – Yarkant - Taklimakan Desert by road
Xinjiang is a land of contrast and there is no better way to contrast the pleasant coolness of the mountain lakes than with dry vastness of the Taklimakan Desert. We will stop in Yengisar, which is famous throughout history for its knives. We will visit a local knife workshop and watch the craftsmen make the knives the way they have for hundreds of years.


We will continue on to Yarkant, which is one of the capitals of Uyghur kingdoms in days gone by. Yarkant will be the launching point for our camel trek into the Taklimakan Desert. We will pack all the necessities we will need on the back of our camels and our camel man will lead us into the desert. You will be amazed at the endless dunes, which form an ocean of sand. Our guide will tell us stories of ancient civilizations that have been buried forever under these ever shifting sands.


We will make camp under the stars and prepare a fire and cook our food using methods that have been used by caravans for thousands of years.

Day 5 Taklimakan Desert - Kashgar by road
The beauty of the sunrise in the desert will be a sight that you will never forget. After breakfast we will ride our camels back to Yarkant where we will prepare for our return to Kashgar.

We will stop on the way at Shihitdong where you will be able to experience some very unique Uyghur culture. We will check you into your hotel room in Kashgar and make arrangement for transporting you to the train station or airport in the morning.

Hotels in Use:
Karakul Lake - in local fashion in a Yurt.
Tashkorgan Desert - in a local Tajik family's house or  in our camp.

Inclusion & Exclusion

1. Internal flights and/or train charge & taxes
2. Private transportation in each city;
3. Hotel accommodation with daily breakfast;
4. Buffet breakfast and Chinese-style lunch & dinner;
5. Excellent tour guide and driver;
6. Entrance fees to all tourist sites as listed in the tour itinerary;
7. Yurt (meals at yurt), camel, camel guide, tents and meals in the desert

1. Tips to tour guides and drivers;
2. Personal expenses such as laundry, drinks, fax, telephone calls, or meals which are not included in the tour itinerary.

Travel Tips

1. The tour program or listed hotels is subject to change before the tour booking done.

2. All meals except breakfast are NOT included. Our guide will assist you to select restaurant and order local well-known dish. Normally every meal cost RMB 35-50 per person.

3. Please leave us message through inquiry form, if you have any question. We are very glad to help you tailor China travel to fit your requests.

4. For the children at age <3, the land tour is free of charge if sharing one bed/seat with parents in hotels. For any air tickets included, the children need to pay actual cost charged by airline compay. For any question on price for kids, please contact us to get more details.

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